A Day in 10 Photos: 06.10.2010 Jun 11, 2010

After loosing my crank arm bolts yesterday, I went around to various shops in Manhattan looking for a replacement. Eventually, I hit up Dah Shop and found that they had a set. While I was there, I ran into Fonseca, Mike and Jakob Santos. Then it rained. A lot. But that didn’t stop Jakob from getting down on the Chinatown Banks. There’s so much going on in that photo!

Check out more photos below.

Here’s Fonseca and Mike chatting about bikes.

… and a glimpse of the new Us Versus Them SE bike.

The guys were soaked from the rain and humidity. Looking for new clothes, they saw these suits. Upon further investigation, it turns out they were made from paper.

Once the rain stopped, we headed into SoHo where we ran into someone.

Mr. Krillz from Smashenger / Grime.

From there, it was over to the Chinatown Banks. Here’s Jakob blasting a disaster on them.

I’m not one to shoot in portrait that often but sometimes the composition merits it!

With the Brooklyn Banks “closed” we “broke in” and rode around for a bit. It was still kinda wet and very slippery (TWSS) so we spent more time chatting with the kids that were hanging out. Inevitably, one scooter kid grabbed Mike’s bike and debated on dropping into the banks on it.

Keep in mind, it was his first time ever on a fixed and he rolled right in, stoked as hell!

We’ll be riding around all weekend, so if you’re heading in early for the Bicycle Film Festival get at me!

  • That weird abubaca stall by Jacob is sick. Solid photo man.

  • jkelley

    That kids smile in the last photo says it all, fun on bikes.

  • Charles Schoen

    How hard/safe was it to “break into the banks”?

  • whoaaa so chances are we’ll be able to ride the banks?? This just made the wait worse.

  • Ahahaha you know that those Chinese paper suits are for people to burn at funerals so their deceased loved ones can have nice things to wear in the afterlife?

  • No idea. That’s awesome!

  • ji

    “hi im chris fonseca and you should not buy volumes anymore cause they suck when really i got kicked off the team. Im backing this, this week but next week ill back something else. oh and i talk shit on you”

    exactly what he is telling that dude

  • thats wierd cause he left volume. you talk shit over the internet man real tough bro and he was actually talking to him about the new grime frame mike schmitt is making but you sound real hard on the internet nephew

  • Chris Fonseca


    I don’t know where your getting your info from, but you shouldn’t talk shit about something you don’t. It’s funny how you all hate, and can’t even ride a bike. You shit on the internet talking shit, I wish yo would say this to my face.

    I like how Prolly ok jL’s comment, when he knows this will start drama!

  • crop your portrait shots in 8×10!

  • Sick! I met Jake when he came through to sac. Crushed our trick comp. Tight you guys linked up.

  • Adamantium

    Damn Jake, what size tires are you running maxing out clearance like that?

    Go big or go home. :)