1950’s Frejus Tourer Jun 29, 2010

When you get old and you start having kids, you tend to wanna slow things down a bit. While that may not be the most accurate story behind this purchase, it’s what I’ll say on the internet! Jason from Affinity recently picked up this 1950’s Frejus touring bike to make into his “kid bike”. When you do something, you gotta do it with style.

Check out more photos below!

This thing is clamp-on Campagnolo from head to toe.

Gran Sport is the group…

… and Frejus-branded cranks!

Campagnolo Gran Sport high flange hubs too!

Such a beautiful hub body.

It’s still got the original paint and original decals.

Check out that head badge!

Now that’s another fine example of Italian steel! I can’t wait to see what Cicli Devotion will do to this baby! Some polishing and a quick tune up and this baby will be rolling in no time!

Check out a few more photos at my Flickr.

  • Hahaha yes yes i’m an old man these days, gotta work off my newly formed gut! Devotion mentioned that its a “Tour de France” model which is also a tourer (weird). A few things worthy of mentioning, check out the small chain ring is huge compared to most inner chain rings (flickr page has a good pic). Also, the wheel set had upgraded hubs to nouvo record 36 hole and laced four cross. Sweet! Can’t wait to get it restored

  • Rui

    Does Jason from Affinity want to adopt me?

  • Half step gearing FTW!