Witnesses Wanted May 13, 2010

Spread the word through the neighborhood guys!

  • Bill

    Damn sounds like a brutal hit. Good luck with everything!

  • lauren

    shit, I always see the black livery cabs blowing through lights, and being dangerous overall. ihatethem

    hope there were witnesses who see this

  • Santiago Belmont

    damn man, the worst thing on this case is….
    What was he doing out at 3am?

    but good luck. i hope they find what they want

  • austin

    no offense (because i certainly don’t think you meant any), but who cares what he was doing out at 3am? That’s his business, and not the issue at hand. Anyone has a right to be out at whatever time they want, and not get hit by a TLC driver.

  • wawa

    No offense, but you must admit that some of these urban cyclists ride rather aggressively. Compound that with the fact it was 3am and I’d imagine the guy did run the light…considering everyone of us runs lights at that hour.

    Don’t get me wrong I hope the guy the best and a swift recovery but sometimes the reckless title is earned.

  • spaceboy

    umm tons of people are out at 3am in nyc. the bars don’t close til 4am.