Weird Pista 003: Shiokaze 2010 May 26, 2010

This is one of the more comprehensive edits that came out of the Shiokaze events this year, complete with interviews and all of the rider’s best tricks from their runs. Great seeing Kyoichi going at it, as well as Yu and Funny.

Starf*ckers: Kozo Backflip
Kyoichi Ozaki: Kozo Backflip at Shiokaze 2010
Shiokaze 2010: Kozo Backflip

  • aj

    in japan when you die your neighbor plans your funeral.

  • jkelley

    every time I see a video from japan, it makes me look around my house and think of shit to sale to go visit.

  • Uteliebelly

    All I have to say Awesome!

  • AWESOME! I love this vid.

  • ben

    Is it jsut me or have the japanese got smoother lines and more trick culture with fmx? Damn this shit is hot.