W-Base Durcus One Stylin’: Yohei’s Massive Hop! May 6, 2010

Damn Yohei! Massive ups man. That Durcus One is a magical bike!


W-Base / Durcus One Stylin’ Frameset Size Large
W-Base Crew: Nasty Cone Hop and Ollie

  • kinda looks like bullshit. looks like hes laying on the ground. tell me this is a joke

  • swoop

    fugazi. above shot layin on the ground. prove me wrong!

  • jeff

    Am I the only one who thinks that it looks like he’s just laying on his side in the street? The perspective looks completely off to me. Not saying that dude can’t do it, but uhhhh….

  • Rick

    Is this a joke? He’s on the ground. I mean props for the photo but you’d be blind to think he’s actually hopping that high.

  • aj

    dang!!!!!! laying flat on the ground and everything! good joke friends.

  • kp

    you know dudes lying on the ground

  • Damn. NOTHING gets passed you guys!


    Of course I knew he was laying on the ground!

  • will gibbons


  • jkelley

    I am kind of sad at how many people actually thought it was necessary to point out this was fake and he was lying on the ground. It’s called having a good time fellas, lighten up, now don’t spend all those cool points in one place!

  • Vas

    OMG he is like totally lying on the ground! The nerve of these people! :)

  • antihero1972

    all fixed freestyle photos are fake duh, its called “fixed” freestyle. ;)you guys didnt really believe this shit was happening did you?

  • SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s a secret!

  • a.torres 305deathsquad

    na man this is reel chill out

  • rodney king

    i blame coldplay for all of this laying on the ground nonsense. can i get a witness?

  • danny
  • ian

    it looks pretty convincing other than the fact that he would be way too close to the wall.

  • Tyler Johnson

    This is good, but next time someone does it remember its all in the details. (feet aren’t in the straps)