Velo Cult: Bilenky Track Bike May 12, 2010

Remember that nice curved-seat tube Bilenky that Velo Cult posted photos of after the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show? Well, that frame and others are now for sale at their shop. Just look at this beautiful bicycle. All it needs is a trimmed Brooks professional and a Titan bar and stem combo to finish it off. Maybe some Con Denti Campy pista pedals too!

There’s nothing else I can say about it other than head over to the Velo Cult blog for more photos!

Can I pick my jaw up off the floor now?

Velo Cult: Big Bilenky at the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

  • Wilis

    Looks about your size John!

  • Gordon

    Wow… Those colors are incredible.

  • lindyloo

    thats a 3d render … its not real! The lensing is (wide) and depth of field is long lens (telephoto) its tottally wrong.

  • BAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH what? It’s a Leica camera dude. No render. I took photos of this bike:

  • ward

    No, its still a render … where’s another real picture of the actual bike? There are none on your site.

    Only God could create a bike with such fabulous colours …