Velo City Bags: Pedal Straps May 26, 2010

Yes, you all know this by now: I am a strap snob. From my rantings to my constant pluggings of Hold Fast you’ve probably guesses where my loyalties are. That doesn’t mean that I can’t post about other people’s endeavors though right? I love my Velo City backpack and when I saw these new Pedal Straps, I was stoked to see them. They look nicely detailed and aren’t just two strips of velcro straps. Attention to detail and articulation is key! Looking good guys!

  • Dima

    Thanks for the support Prolly!

  • D.patrick

    Those straps are pretty sharp. Still I have to stick with BK’s own.

  • yogi

    so you bite on people ‘copying’ hold fast, but you don’t mind people ripping off ReLoad?

    These are reload straps with an O ring instead of a D ring, which makes them worse, as the D ring helps the strap keep full contact with your foot.

  • MCrob

    Is it just me or is that on backwards?

  • wait… what? dude, dozens of other “foot retention systems” had a D or an O ring before REload.

  • zfree


    This is the way the industry grows, more companies doing more things. All I got is love (place favorite hippie song here)