Tyler Johnson’s Pro-Model Leader May 4, 2010

Photo by Jacob Ruff

Massive clearances, a curved seat tube and that signature Leader gusset? (At least that’s what it looks like) What have we here? Is this the new Tyler Johnson pro-model Leader? I say that partially joking but why else would Tyler be the only one testing this out? Oh and damn, that’s some air! Tyler, give us some info!

Check out more spy photos of Tyler over at Zlog.

  • llortaem

    you missed the wishbone seatstay!

  • Pro model?? ha. thatd be the day. Jacob Ruff took the photos dude

  • I wuzzzz juzzzzzt kidddin.

    thanks for the photo credit.

  • Tyler Johnson

    It’s something special. Can’t say much now, but yea its got mega clearance and feels solid. Still testing for a while, but figured these photos were pretty good to get people interested. I don’t like the pro model title, but it’s my frame.

    Thanks for the post Prolly.

  • Adrian

    Whatever it is, it definitely looks sick.

  • P R O M O D E L


  • Tyler Johnson


  • Mike Chacon


  • You guys like to tease to each other… ;-)
    This leader frame looks effectively more like a street frame as we see those days…The wishbone might be a good solution for clearance. Hope the front triangle will be as solid cuz we saw 2 of them broken in Paris last month…

  • Leader makin’ moves