Trackosaurus Rex: Bomb Hills T-Shirt Restock May 19, 2010

I’ll spare you Kyle‘s little comment about parking lots and just say that this shirt is one of my favorite fixed / track bike shirts. Even though it doesn’t apply solely to track bikes; riding road bikes down hills is pretty exhilarating! Grab one right cheah at Tracko Mart.

Kyle, when you’re here for the BFF, I’ll take you to Nyack. Let you see some East Coast hills.

  • Daniel

    I rode up to Nyack for my first time last week, them hills reminded me of Cincinnati

  • Malcolm

    What a sweet shirt, I may just cave on one, even though the original artwork wasn’t hills…

  • jos

    got the original

  • greet

    cool idea but too bad this isnt original artwork. it’s the cover for joy divisions “unknown pleasures” album. unless it was used previously before that.

  • We all know it’s a Joy Division flip…

  • Malcolm

    That’s what makes its cool.

    The fact that its a radio pulse from the first pulsar ever discovered makes it even cooler.