Top Chumps: Fixed Gear Scenester May 4, 2010

Illustration by Dan Freeman

I’d say the only thing more pretentious and banal than the actual inspiration for pieces like this are the actual illustrations themselves. But hey, that’s the name of the game I suppose. The latest scene report from UK art gurus Yep We Can comes in a little expired if you ask me. Sure, the “art collective” title is well deserved but really?

  • hater69

    john are you being…. negative?

  • I like to call it facetious!

  • Chris ToesMcGoes Torres

    Dan Freeman should try and open his mind and heart to all people from every culture and background. His life may be more fulfilling and happy. Go on Dan, try it.

  • wizard

    Pen-and-ink colorway?

  • Santiago Belmont

    Really??? i havent seen any douche riding around like that. as far as i know the scenesters carry SAG bags around. im totally drawing one of these, nyc edition.