Tony Fast: Fixed Mag 5 Review May 8, 2010

Fixed Mag 5 Review by Tony from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Last night Tony walked us through the new Fixed Mag. Jokes about people in the fixed scene were cracked (none of which are meant to be serious) so if you can’t get a copy of Fixed Mag, hopefully this gives you an inside look. We loved this issue. It came out great! Keep working hard guys! If anyone wants a page scanned, let me know!

Fixed Mag 5 Cover

  • is the digital copy not coming out anymore?

  • gus

    fat boy over vert hahahahah classic

  • jason

    thanks for wasting ten minutes of my time. that was ten minutes I could have been geting drunk.

  • Drink a beer while you watch it!

  • morehartFilms

    Thanks for going easy on us Tony. I was nervous!

  • Harry

    I liked the part where ted couldn’t find a motel.

  • Brody

    That there looks pretty solid, matte > gloss!

  • This is sick. I know that Thrasher does this with there mag, I think that its a sick idea. I also liked how you didnt spoil it for people who are going to get the hard copy.

  • wrong link to fixed mag or is the website down?

  • Cam

    That URL hasn’t been working for weeks.

  • drew leshko

    that was great

  • Yes, Tony and Prolly! Good combo, coming to see you guys sometime soon!!! (bespoke art show)