Tom LaMarche’s Hop May 31, 2010

Tom LaMarche’s amazing hop from swoo on Vimeo.

For everyone that’s wanted to see video of Tom LaMarche hopping up something bar-height, check out this video Swoo shot while he was in Toronto. Pretty rad huh?

  • wow. slowmo allows one to actually see fork flex. that is scary

  • it’s a black market fork…

  • rob

    freewheel though?

  • RJCrouch

    Naw just looks like that because he is pedal setting in slow motion.

  • newman

    ^Deff fixed, look closely, the back wheel stops spinning when he hops

  • jonnyneedledick

    no not a freewheel you can see him skip to set up for the hop.
    whats with the canned saddle? i though you guys were all but against them! … times they have been a changing..

  • sean

    hes clearly skidding to align his cranks before he jumps…

  • swoo

    nope, that’s fixed!
    hands down the highest hops in fgfs!

  • Vas

    that aint no freewheel, mang

  • Steven

    If you watch :28 seconds, you can see what james was talking about. It could just be the tires absorbing the impact, but it could also be the springiness of steel that gives that smoother ride compared to aluminum (mostly in frames). If that was an aluminum fork, it wouldn’t flex in slow motion, but then one day it would just snap in half out of nowhere. Seeing the fork flex in slow motion has more to do with how springy the metal its made out of is rather than how strong the fork is. (consider aluminum vs steel vs titanium on rigidity vs springiness)