The Fixed Freestyle Tuck May 17, 2010

Photo by Wayne Byrne

As I was browsing the Trick Track boards this morning, I came across this photo of Nikko Jow tucked way behind his saddle, a la Tom LaMarche style. This is one of those moments in fixed freestyle where not just a trick is reappropriated from other cycling sports, but a way of handling a bike. A rather big bike at that. How else would you get the height you need for a bunnyhop other than to tuck behind the saddle?

Check out some more photos below.

Photos by Torey Thornton

This weekend, Torey and Tom drove up to Toronto to meet up with the Skitch guys. While they were riding on the first day, Torey grabbed these photos of Tom hopping onto a ledge that looks to be over bar height. You can see in the first shot how he gets the bike up there.

click to see full-resolution

Here’s a two shot sequence showing how Tom hops over this chair. He brings the bike up, then tucks immediately behind the saddle. To land, he just extends his legs and drops the rear end, feathering the landing. Just like on a BMX or a big bike.

click to see full-resolution

Here’s Marco from Japan in the newest Ollie Magazine showing a sequence. We’ve seen other people do this since and it’s catching on. It’s a perfect example of how we take the limitations of 700c wheels and push them to their limits. Keep the bikes big and the hops high, in my opinion, it keeps the sport interesting. I really love seeing stuff like this!

  • svpxjohn2

    Main pic is my youngsta friend. Nikko jow. Only 15yrs old. Getting it done.

  • you got a name for the photographer?

  • Ahh Chea Nikko.

  • the name of the photographer is wayne byrne and it was shot with a point and shoot. i going to have this retaken by a few good friends of mine

  • pasco

    OK, there has to be a better name for this. When I read the tuck I thought about the dude in silence of the lambs.

  • LuLz!

  • hellachunky

    deaaam! nikko! ahahahahahaha!

  • “The Ass Wiper”?

  • pasco

    I was thinking the “sacktap”. Wait, is that a skate trick?