Subrosa: Chad Degroot Hang Nothing May 17, 2010

We all know who Chad Degroot is but did you know that he can hang nothing on a fixed gear? I didn’t either until I saw this post over at Subrosa. Seems Chad was just messing around with a buddy’s Malum and he started busting these out. Damn impressive and a damn inspirational thing to see on a Monday morning!

Thanks to Adam22 for the heads up!

  • JP

    And he’s not cheating by turning the bars/fork backwards. Chad is known for feathering the brake, yet this looks clean/brakeless.

  • Noir

    hang nothing, bro

  • There was a scene in BLS4 don’t remember dude’s name, flatland rider, hang nothing. Ridiculous!

  • It’s also called a hang ten bro. Google it. Fuzzy, that’s llindsay from aloha fixed. He flips his bars around to make it easier. Chads not doing that here…

  • PG

    hang ten = both feet on pegs (all 10 toes)
    hang five = one foot on peg (5 toes)
    hang nothing = no feet on (as pictured)