Starf*ckers: Kozo Backflip May 25, 2010

SHIOOKAZE 10 kozo FINAL from starfuckers on Vimeo.

Yet another angle from Kozo’s backflip at Shiokaze. This one’s from the other side of the pyramid, so it’s easier to see the man in action. Seriously, this is nuts!

Kyoichi Ozaki: Kozo Backflip at Shiokaze 2010
Shiokaze 2010: Kozo Backflip

  • radam


  • I love the japonese way of concentrating…

  • Micycle

    Why is this seen as being good?Most other trick riders find backflips incredibly easy. This guy is riding a jump bike. Jump bike riders have been doing flips for years. Jump bike+box jump = very very easy backflip, the guy is pro, he should be ridiculed for not even flairing.

  • scissorneck

    Yo micycle!!! “FIXED GEAR” its about skill and timing…..harder then it will ever look….

  • jayjay

    I understand this is a big deal. But this guy is essentially riding a dirt jumper frame. I don’t want it to seem like I’m just hating on this dude for no reason. He needs some proper foot retention. He could have landed some of those air outs if he was strapped in (at least one foot). And I really dislike that frame and seat height. I really don’t want to hate on this because it’s things like this that helps progress our sport and culture. But I’m having a hard time liking this.

  • scissorneck

    dig the trick dig the bike dig it………….

  • brody

    This video pretty much defends itself, though I do kind of agree about needing foot retention.

  • pushakey

    if any of the haters can do better, post…if not stfu

  • Micycle

    How is it timing?running a gear ratio as low as him you can easily skip your feet to the right place, i imagine u think its hard because youv not ridden many trick bikes before, orp erhaps been riding fixed for only a few years. Hopefully hes doing what other pro bmxers did in the 90s and merely riding fixed because he knows he;ll get alot of money as people buying into the fixed tricks scene are mostly fools with too much money who are fairly rubbish at riding.

  • marrrrk.

    Micycle, film yourself doing a backflip fixed and we all might actually take you seriously. He may be riding a dirt jump frame, but keep in mind it’s still a fixed drivetrain… which adds another level of difficulty to the trick.

    On a side note, foot retention definitely makes tricks easier to do because you have better control. However, I think it should be commended that he is able to rip without them!