Small Upgrade to the TK2 May 19, 2010

Finally got some new wheels for my track bike. A friend sold me these Zipp 440’s to Suntour Superbe Pro hubs and I couldn’t be happier with them. After a small hiatus with the valve extenders, I got the Conti sprinters glued on and ready for the third week of the Kissena Twilight Series. After rain put a damper on last week’s events, I’m sure everyone’s ready to come out and race tonight. Many thanks to the guys at NYC Velo for the problem solving today with the valves.

Check out a few more shots over at my Flickr.

  • chad

    That’s one sick looking ride.

  • Santiago Belmont

    im SO Jelaous dude!.. those pick up really fast. spin forever. the sound that those wheels make on the track when you push hard SICK…and yeah i hate valve extenders.

  • Jake Ricker

    Looks awesome
    See you soon! :)

  • Luke


  • thanks spell checker!

  • Small upgrade? You are calling Zipps a SMALL upgrade. I would like to see your idea of a LARGE upgrade….