Shiokaze 2010: Marco 180 Bar May 23, 2010

Photo by Bike Daily on Flickr

As we saw before, Shiokaze went down proper this year. All of the fixed freestyle riders from Japan were there, throwing it down hard. Luckily for us Westerners, Bike Daily and other bloggers were there shooting photos of the events. This photo of Marco doing a 180 bar on a quarter is from the Bike Daily Flickr. There’s a ton of other great ones, so check them out right here!

For some video action, check out Marco’s run at Shiokaze below.

Damn! So close to that 540! Keep ripping and repping Marco!

  • Japan has always had transitions on lock! Hijōshiki na!

  • Noahem

    They sure tear it up hard.. that backflip was clean.
    I still don’t understand why bikes in Japan never seem to be locked properly though.. No theft problem or something?

  • Sick

  • a

    It is called Barspin Air, not 180 Barspin.