Shiokaze 2010: Kozo Backflip May 23, 2010

Kozo is a pro BMX rider who, about a year ago, started to ride fixed. Rumors of a backflip hit a few months ago and now with the Shiokaze comp completed, videos are surfacing. Here ya have it, a backflip on a fixed gear!

  • jambox

    anyone know what frame that is ?

  • A DJ frame with 700c wheels.

  • Todd

    I demand video of Prolly doing the same, on his Bruiser, immediately!


  • oh man, even though you know its coming its so unexpected!



    doesn’t even have straps!

  • props for trying the hail mary flair twice. that was pretty hilarious.

  • fish and chips

    is that a 1 to 1 gear ratio. still dope.

  • prettyboy

    Would you want to be strapped in?