RYD Bikes: Havoc Frameset May 12, 2010

I couldn’t find much information on this new frameset from RYD. All the information I had is what Sean Coats told me which included “strong / thick tubing and fits big tires”. Then I remembered that RYD stood for Red Your Dead and I hopped over to their site. The Havoc frameset is now available for pre-orders. It’s made from reinforced 4130, has a double gusseted top tube, 2″ dropouts and uses an integrated headset. Complete weight comes in at 7 lbs and is available in a 53cm and 57cm size. The one pictured above has 26″ wheels so I imagine 700c would have some pretty tight clearances.

Edit: Sean just emailed me and said they changed their official name to RYD Bikes. Makes sense. Thanks man!

  • ian

    it could be red your dead as in paint your dead red

  • touché!

  • b20btec

    probably for redland california

  • charles schoen

    i remember reading an explanation. its talking about riding fixed brakeless. kinda a “if you cant stop in time and its red, your dead” haha refering to lights

  • Jarshy

    309$ for frame and fork! Just when I’m about to buy a new bike somethin like this comes out… what to do?!

  • ian

    Other Ian: Charles beat me to it. But I confirm, that’s what it stands for.

    At least without the explanation the name had a little ambiguity to it. Good move with the name change. It’s not too drastic, but now it could stand for anything from “Ride Your Dick” or “Rowdy Yellow Dude”.

  • hellachunky

    I would hella get that if i wasnt getting the thrasher, the frame reminds me of a raw cutter

  • dan

    ryd is just about theee worst company
    ive broken every part on the masher
    spend the extra bit of money and get a thrasher or cutter or even a scissor is better

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    See kids? Always double check your grammar, especially when starting a business…

  • to dan,


  • hellachunky


    My edit for RYD.=] yeahh not the best but its a oneday edit.

  • hyphie

    ok so im hearin mixed reviews on RYD!!! are there bikes good not good? what bikr do you guys recomend for a good trick fixie??

  • mel king

    I just orderd it so you gona be seein a lot more of me…