Relief Effort for Crystal Ruiz Mills May 5, 2010


I hate seeing stuff like this, but at the same time, It’s nice to see the cycling community support each other. To find out how you can help, visit South Florida Fixed.

  • Joe

    GET WELL! I ride for you daily.

  • This is terrible. I like the Brew coffee shops since they remind of the decades that I spent in true Urban environments, not the suburbia that is south florida.

    Crystal is part of that. Charming and artistic, we both married about the same time with kids involved. Actually, I hardly know her, just chatted briefly at Brew.

    The whole thing makes me mad. I think the bikes on the streets is too dangerous. I think our current health system is awful.

    I hate to think of her hurt. Best wishes. Just donated thru paypal. Excuse me if I sign this somewhat anonymously…