Red Hand Patrol: Bike Thief Gets It May 21, 2010

If this is indeed real, it’s pretty bad-ass. The story goes that a few bikes went missing behind a bar. A group of locals grouped together, baited the thief and when he began stealing the bike, they blasted him with paintball guns. Anyone know if this is real or fake?

  • chris

    I want that video to be legit but….

  • Rhett

    It has to be fake.

  • logan

    idk if its reall or fake, but one of em had a nice angel autococker, this should happen to anyone stealling bikes

  • natepcm

    looks pretty fake to me. if it was a real scenario, they should have just beat the fuck out of the guy with those CO2 tanks. bike theives are one of the worst kinds of criminal.

  • km

    thats soooo fake its not even funny ….come on its cool and all but who says stand by as they wait for him to take it just kick the crap out of him

  • colin

    buy a better lock, i mean if ur gonna leave your expensive downhill bike behind ur local bar with just a cable lock and a prayer, then ur just asking for it to be stolen. im not condoning the act of theft but lets all be a little smarter and alot less whiny.

  • timmy t

    looks like these guys took a page out of the charlie bronson vigilante hand book. to me it looks a little too real. a very large penalty to those that make the cops look impotent. but than again they dont care about your property. remember the cops taking bikes in new york?

  • Doug D

    there were more cameras than guns. if it wasnt fake it sure was weak.

  • Real or fake, it’s a pretty good video. But it still sends a good message, don’t steal shit. I’d be down to start this for real.

  • kp

    seems kinda too elaborate to be real. To be honest the first thief looked kinda different in stature then the first. Anyway, cool idea I guess, what else are ya gonna do. If dude was really stealing bikes you should of knocked him out and broken his arms, dude will never do that shit again.

  • not real… but i am madly in love with it still

  • folks- i think we are all missing out on very important recognition here. regardless of the issue at hand-as serious as bike theft may be- the cinematography here is top rate. i mean c’mon had this been done by an amateur you never would have made i through the entire 3 minutes. so let me be the first to highlight such great work allowing us all to appreciate bike theft in a whole new light thanks to such a keen cinematographer.

    if i was a betting woman and i am– i would bet that not only is the man behind the camera amazing with his film making skills but also a stellar dancer.

  • PhatSlyce

    Very nicely done…on every level. I wish more videos were circulating of this caliber. I can’t take any more of the random pointless youtube video clutter.

  • Rockwater

    Who cares if it’s real or fake? Treat it as inspiration to do the right thing. Vigilante justice may be illegal but it’s not wrong.

    These guys did everything right. They waited until the guy actually commited the crime before moving on him. They punished him with force that was the least likely to cause permanent damage but was indeed something the guy would never forget. They also worked as a team. The greatest danger to a vigilante is a criminal’s desire to fight back. But taking a page from the criminals own book of cowardice they didn’t give the guy the slightest chance to defend himself and overwhelmed him without mercy. And left him immobilized for the cops.

    The only thing that could really be considered wrong was to video tape themselves as that could prove incriminating if they ever found themselves before what is laughably called a justice system.

    Even with security camera footage leading to a conviction the actual law would see this guy with a slap on the wrist. The lesson here is that the wrath of a wronged populace is to be feared far more than the law. So play nice and don’t fuck with people or they might fuck you.

  • Nonominous

    Maybe unlike “Law and order” this was based on real events. I do know for a fact that much of this was staged, I live in Livingston and have asked around, but have you ever seen the police volunteer to be filmed, (that was a real police car in the last bit of footage from the security camera, the flashing headlights are a clue). And km why the thief did not run was he couldn’t. His only escape was through the Murray bar/Hotel or the kitchen of the 2nd street Bistro. Here are the coords on google earth 45 39’41.21 N 110 33’44.57 W This speaks volumes on the quality of the film school at MSU Bozeman!!!