Milwaukee Bruisers are in Stock! May 13, 2010

The 2nd generation Milwaukee Bruisers just came in at Ben’s Cycle. Thanks for everyone’s patience with the pre-orders. You can expect them to get out ASAP! If you haven’t ordered one and would like to, now’s your chance. Head over to Ben’s Cycle and grab one here!

  • dlo

    2nd gen? whats new?

  • Just some minor changes in the rear triangle. Nothing major.

  • MWA

    Thank God!!!! I pre-ordered mine on March 14th and I’m sure Steve is getting sick of my phone calls wondering where my bike is at. Hopefully it’s off to paint already and i’ll have in the next week or so. Woo!!!!!

  • tdhk

    2nd generation?
    means Prolly gets a new frameset?
    Could you share with us the changes in the rear triangle?

  • I’ve been riding it for a few months now. Nothing major, just cleaned up the chainstay / BB interface. We removed the gusset that was between the chainstays and reduced the crimping.

    Just revisions, not necessarily changes.

  • Jr.

    i just ordered the matte black frame set, do you think i would be getting my frame in this shipment?