Mat’s Purple Serotta with Dura Ace 10-Pitch May 12, 2010

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday I met with Mat ( @Matterwilliger ) to shoot his recently-acquired Serotta track bike. It’s a real beauty and like all Serottas, the detailing and wet-coat paint is drop-dead gorgeous!

Check out some more photos below.

The color really pops against the bright yellow decals.

I know it looks like silver here, but the rear triangle is a ever-so-faint lavender coat. Again, the classic Serotta logo accents the paint.

Where there aren’t decals, there are cast-elements like this bridge. So thin!

Like most steel bikes of this time, the riders did everything they could to shave ounces. One way to go about doing this was to use Dura Ace’s new 10-Pitch drivetrain. Mat lucked out and got the bike complete with the full group.

Love the hubs too.

It even came with one of the Dura Ace AX posts and a spiffy Concor saddle.

The cockpit was pure Italian, well, minus the bar tape.

A Campagnolo pista headset, Cinelli 1a stem and Cinelli Criterium bars. My setup of choice!

Not a bad looking bicycle if I do say so myself.

I think it’s safe to say that Mat’s a happy dude. Now ride that shit!

  • chris

    Really nice build! IS the inch pitch and the 10 pitch one and the same? I ask because the front ring looks like a normal ring in terms of teeth spacing unlike what I have seen when looking at a n inch pitch ring with the gaps between the teeth. Lucky bast!!

  • zach

    what is that bartape anyway?

  • That is a beautiful beast :)

  • Lovely bike. Thanks for sharing.

  • atanz

    awesome score!! lotsa serottas going around at ttown this year!

    10 pitch describes the distance between chainlinks – 10mm in this case.
    modern chains use 1/2″ pitch and 1″ as you can imagine just skips every other tooth.

  • antihero1972

    that bike looks so right!!!

  • Luke

    Inch pitch and 10 pitch are not the same. IN inch pitch there is one inch between the teeth on both the chainring and the sprocket. On the 10 pitch there are 10 millimeters (1 cm) between the teeth, requiring a proprietary chainring, chain, and sprocket.
    This is all different than the normal half-inch pitch running gear that is found on most bikes.
    In terms of appearance, the 10 pitch is much more similar to the half-inch pitch than to the inch pitch gear.

  • Zach, Benotto bar tape (cellotape), made in Mexico.

  • J

    Dont “ride that shit” too much, replacement da10 chain is crazy hard to find

  • Gordon

    OH.MY.GOD. This is delicious. Does Mat ride BMX, too?

  • Did he get this from the swap at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome, some guy had a bunch he was selling for like 500 a piece.

  • Mat was one of the first dudes in NYC to ride “street BMX”. Super chill dude with a lot of background in NYC skateboarding (SHUT) and BMX. Good peeps for sure!

  • chris

    Thanks for the inch pitch/10 pitch education!


    let me say thanks for posting my bike..i also want to say that i was riding bmx street in NJ not nyc in like 86/87…GOOD TIMES..

    ALSO if you ride any bmx parts make sure u ride ANIMAL….and if you need BMX,OR ANY OTHER parts go to GROVE STREET BIKES,365 GROVE STREET,JERSEY CITY,NJ,201-451-BIKE(2453)

  • Rodney

    HOOK IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt

    He got this at the ttown swap, I didnt have enough money on me, but the guy sold this bike complete for only 500-600 bucks ! The rare drivetrain alone is worth 300-400 , and the wheels are proprietary to the drive train. Not to mention the 100 dollar DA seatpost, very good buy on this one !

  • Bob Gomez

    Where are the brakes?