Kyoichi Ozaki: Kozo Backflip at Shiokaze 2010 May 23, 2010

Photo by Kyoichi Ozaki

Waking up early this morning to the Shiokaze videos and photos was a pleasant surprise. There are already dozens of photos surfacing on the net but I love this one from Kyoichi. If you remember, Kyoichi, Kai (Fixika) and MKM were some of the “og” freestyle guys who had a place in the Bootleg Sessions project early on. He’s always taking great photos and continues to be a staple in the Japanese fixed scene.

This is one great capture man!

Shiokaze 2010: Marco 180 Bar
Shiokaze 2010: Kozo Backflip

  • Kyoichi Ozaki

    thanks for the post!!

    You guys must come to SHIOKAZE next year!

    it just gets bigger and crazier every year!

  • OMG!
    did you land the flip?

  • prettyboy

    Holy Shit!!!!!! That’s the sickist thing I’ve seen this week. The photo looks like he’s lost his right foot. The clip looks clean. I love him looking down too.

  • Tyler

    what frame is this?