Kyle Johnson: Tyler Air May 10, 2010

Photo by Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson‘s photography is beautifully executed to say the least. Since I’ve been behind the lens more than I’ve been on the bike as of late, I’ve started to learn a lot from watching various photographers work. Shooting cycling isn’t easy and since I don’t have flashes, I’ve had to learn how to shoot with natural light. I’m fairly certain that’s how Kyle shot this photo of Tyler Johnson. All natural baby.

Loving the bike too man.

Seen at Zlog!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Yea there was no flash invovled. He was just walking by after getting some ice cream, and took one picture. This was it. Kyle rules, and hes a fantastic photographer.

    Thanks for the post.

  • The Tyler Johnson signature frame looks dope. DIggin the sleeker gusset design.