Horse Cycles May 10, 2010

Priest Lugged Track

I couldn’t find the time on Saturday to make it over to the Horse Cycles Open House. In fact, I didn’t hear from anyone if they went. So, here’s my question to you locals; did you go to the Open House? How was it? Learn anything? I’ve met Thomas a few times and he’s a real stand-up guy. Also, his bikes are mighty fun to look at and ride.

Horse Cycles Open House

  • Vas

    i went and will be posting a big photo-wrap-up on

  • d.patrick

    i stopped by. amazing looking bikes. i was slightly sad to find out they do not really make their own lugs. The bike with the mast like seat tube was crazy, also the bike had a one piece drops stem type thing going on in this crazy purple color. i didnt see the welding demo though. cool little shop none the less. out of my price range, im happy with my scrambler.

  • domoredirt

    the blue vanilla ripoff is dope but a little to much of a rip. realy like the cross bike bike too. lookin good.

  • adrienne & i stopped by for a minute on saturday. the purple bike was a thing of beauty. he also announced that he’ll be teaming up with the kinfolk folks in the near future.

  • d.patrick, casting lugs is a huge ordeal. A lot of frame builders cant invest the time or money in doing so.

  • Vas

    yea, he said that in order to get custom lugs he needs to order 2500++ which is way too many for him.
    my photos are up.