Hardcourt Bike Polo: A Day with Kennedy May 7, 2010

Photo by Doug D

In the second installment of his a day with messengers series, Doug spent the day with Kennedy. There are tons of people in the messenger scene that exude personality and Kennedy is definitely a character. This is NYC and Doug does a great job of capturing it through the eyes of a messenger!

Hardcourt Bike Polo: A Day with Dwain

  • tpearl

    Loving the weathered GTB.

  • a day is about all anyone can stand of kennedy aka sparkle face aka third member of the once supergroup raptorcoptor.

  • Victor

    Does that bike look kinds small to anyone else?

  • Yung Jeezy

    Came to post about small bike Victor beat me to it.

  • Guys, it’s because Doug was using a wide-lens and shooting above Kennedy. Look at the other photos.

  • antihero1972

    I thought i was the only one who likes risers turned upside down.