GOrilla Killa: Trendsetting May 14, 2010

Keanue Fixed Gear thought they’d try something different on their newest GOrilla build. Seeing this immediately reminded me of Sam Miller’s Bootleg Sessions 2 debut. Sam had broken every fork that his shop had given him and the last resort was a suspension MTB fork. If you saw his section, you know that it didn’t slow him down at all. Although his didn’t have quite that much travel.

For the people freaking out right now, rest assured, this is a joke! Damn, it looks fun though!

  • Jon

    lol my buddy alex lunchbox rode a suspension fork for a while after he broke some prototype fork he was riding

  • isti

    I can assure you it does not only look fun, it is fun.
    rode my fixed gear with a suspension fork for a while, it’s therapeutic for the wrists in a pothole rich country like mine and the a2c of the fork makes wheelies super easy.

  • Craig

    DHFG: Sounds fun, until you pedalstrike a tree.

  • erik

    Barspin clearance for days lol.

  • snewman

    actually makes a lot of sense, since you can’t compress for harsh landings on a big bike, make the bike compress. fuck it what’s the diff all the other parts are bmx, might as well bring in some mtb shit. especially with a lock out i htink a 26″ fork would be pretty close geometry anyhow…

  • jeff

    Love it or hate it, its gonna happen man. I been trying to convince mosher and swoo to do it for a while now hah.

  • def have done this! rockshok on an IRO mark V pro. great city commuter, takes the pop holes. and loved jumpin around with it on. i feel there’ll more of this actually happening depending where people go with there bikes

  • the fork is all most as much as the frame. FOX forks FTW!

  • so its now basically a 29er with non traditional mtb geometry…