Framebuilder: Quiros Cycles May 5, 2010

Armando has some of the nicest bikes in Boston. Recently, he took his love of track bikes to the next level and began making frames. At Kissena Opening Weekend, I caught up with Armando and talked about his new company, Quiros Cycles. His bike is really something.

Check out more photos below.

It’s just filled with beautiful detailing; fillet-brazing and a delicate fastback seat stay.

Connecting the seat tube and the seat stays is this curved bridge; adding a nice contour to the profile and added stiffness to the rear end.

A long, lean line leads up to the top tube and then juts forward to the cockpit.

Where the head tube extension and custom stem are bridged by a Campagnolo Contax headset.

The stem was painted to match the bike and maintains the same drop as the top tube’s slope.

It just stares you down doesn’t it?

Here’s the Quiros logo and the clearances. Armando didn’t want to make the bike too tight, making it difficult to ride on the street.

Now this is a beautiful bike. On the front, it’s all copper.

… and in the back, it’s nickel-colored. Making it the 6-cent bike.

Finally, the complete build. What a sexy bike!

Here’s Armando with his creation. Boston’s got a lot of talented framebuilders. Real people doing real big things. If you’re interested in contacting Quiros Cycles, you can drop Armando an email. He’s still working on a website, so when it’s done I’ll post it up!

Thanks for letting me photograph your baby man!

  • Craig

    Oh maaaan. This is gorgeous. Especially the curved bridge, I’ve never seen anything like that!

  • I rode this bike over the weekend, it really is fantastic.

  • oh man, the subtle unique touches of this bike definitely set it off from the rest!

  • Robot

    Boston is brining it with the frame builders!

  • kcy

    hooooooooly snaps …..that is damn sexy, wow. breathless. good lookin’ out prolly!

  • Incredibly swank. I’d love to have a ride with that degree of thought and care put into it.

  • Absolutely jaw dropping. The paint really sets it off.

  • Miketonkinson

    that bridge looks awesome. It’s bikes like these that really make me want to get into frame building.

  • antihero1972

    ooh, so sexy smooth. i am in love with those lines.

  • wawa

    @anti –

    The same thoughts went through my head…

    “how does one get into frame-building?”

  • Gordon

    I’m not digging the rear end as much, but overall this is probably my favorite hand-made bike in a while.

  • as beautiful as that bike is, it is even more beautiful to ride, a prime example of what a love for cycling and a little know-how can produce.

  • Wow! This looks incredible, it’s great to see a new builder develope a unique taste already.

    Hey Armando, are you going to be at the Trexlertown Swap this Saturday? I’d love to see that bike in person.

  • Mando is one of the coolest cats I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing- straight sober harcore passion for bike, a wealth of knowledge, and mad style. I’ve got Quiros #007 coming… get in line, while you can.

  • Armando Quiros

    Hey Everyone!! Well First off I’d like to thank John for such a great site! Second I’d like to thank everyone that has commented on the bike and the support…(Also Thanks Josh “Open” Bicycle ) One thing that I wanted to mention was this is my 1st Build… I hand made the Frame,Fork,and stem. Many more to come!!
    Thanks again
    Armando Quiros Coming Soon!!