[FRAME] Chapter Six May 9, 2010

[FRAME] Chapter Six from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

Flwrider‘s keeping the flame alive with the sixth chapter of their FRAME series. Here’s the low-down on the newest episode:

Our FRAME series has hit the sixth chapter and for this interview we met up with Martin Turner, who is a acting member of the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance. We realised that there are a lot of bikes in Hong Kong, but where are they? So in order to find out a little bit more, we thought we’d approached community leaders.

HK Cycling Alliance is a group which represents local cyclist, to help improve conditions on the road and to increase the number of people on bikes on the streets of Hong Kong. A big part of Martin’s work is to help talk to the local government about how they can be more accommodating for cyclists.

We sat down with Martin to talk about the infrastructure of using a bike in Hong Kong, why there aren’t that many people commuting on bikes in built up areas, and what we can do to get more people on bikes.

Keep em coming guys!

[FRAME] Chapter Five

  • First, I have spent lots of time in Hong Kong and mainland China. Second, I don’t own a car, commute every day by bicycle and public transport.

    Not to shit on this English expat, but Hong Kong doesn’t need to recognize bicycling as a form of transport. FACT: HK has the best public transportation system in the world, meaning you can get anywhere fast with the existing system – and without a car! I’m so jealous of it. HK’s buses, trams, subway system moves so quickly and efficiently, and cheap, the cycle is no more than 3 minutes per arrival and departure, world’s best perhaps.

    Coming from the Bay Area of California, we do have the BART system which is a godsend from the 70s. Los Angeles is probably the most backwards compatible, no subway, no train system, wack as shit.

    HK and the octopus card is genius, get around with a plastic card in your pocket at all hours of the day and night. Just because HK government doesn’t recognize bicycling, doesn’t mean you cant ride the streets as a recreation. Hong Kong city streets afterhours are perfect for a WHEELS OF STEEL session!

    Get this English guy Martin a job that actually matters before he implodes.