Flwrider: Win a Milwaukee Bruiser May 4, 2010


Damn! It’s the summer of bike give-aways. First Milwaukee put a a Bruiser up for grabs and now Flwrider is doing the same. This time it’s gone international though! That’s right, anywhere on the globe can enter. To find out how to win, head over to Flwrider!

Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Bruiser Twitter Give Away


    my cutters not really cut’n it haha!

  • Q.V.

    I REALLY REALLY hate how Flwrider hardly ever posts a link to their sources, or gives any information at all. It is REALLY annoying, and if they started linking their posts to the sources, it would be a really great blog.

    They CLEARLY just repost half the content from Prolly, Tracko, etc. but they never even at least link back to you guys, let alone the original source.

  • Flwrider’s gotten better about it. Click on the images to link-back to the original source. Most the time it’s correct. Whether or not they get their content from me or Tracko is a whole ‘nother quagmire.

  • ching chong

    Honk Kong is in china they bootleg everthing. Your surprised? all blogs are reposts and ive noticed john puts the links to blogs or flickr accounts before anyone else and then before to long, they all post the same.

    Keep doin what your doing John the world looks to it!

  • Guys, it’s the internet. Can we get back to the subject please?

  • Kenneth chau

    I am sorry to say somethings that not relate to the post. All i want to say is Hong Kong =/= China. Anyway support this photo comp