First Look: Affinity Mixte Fixed May 18, 2010

Having a local bike shop that’s always developing new frames is a great feature in any city’s bike scene. To address the various local and international demands, Affinity is working on a few new models for next year. This one in particular should do pretty well with the ladies; a fixed mixte.

Check out more photos below.

There’s just the right amount of lugwork and detailing to catch the eye of anyone.

Track ends with fender and rack mounts.

V-brakes for tire and fender clearance.

Here’s the current setup, on display in the shop. I love the green and white color choices. Looks really fresh. I’m not sure when they’ll be available, but when I find out, I’ll update the post! For now you can swing through Affinity and ask about them.

  • damn. looking forward to spotting these around town.

  • John

    I like it but I don’t get the rear canti posts paired with a fork that has no canti posts and no fender clearance. That weld between the seat stays and the twin lateral stays looks kinda crude too.

    What are the downtube braze-ons for?

  • yeah, it’s the first prototype so a lot of those things will be developed. That’s one of their low-pro forks too, not the correct model for the bike.

  • Q.V.

    What’s up with the cable bosses on the DT and CS? Internally geared hubs?

  • Q.V. correct. Internally-geared hubs.

  • They should drop the brake bosses down to the middle stays. It would make for cleaner brake cable routing, and a cleaner look overall.

    Looks good otherwise (assuming they also fix the fork issue).

  • Can’t even think about new models yet. Anxious to see the Bicycle Revolutions/Affinity Metropolitan Collab, and the 212 and the cyclone… hopefully here soon!