Exclusive Look: The Affinity Cyclone May 25, 2010

When Jason at Affinity first told me about his fixed freestyle bike, I thought it sounded pretty rad. Then he got in a prototype and I thought it looked cool but that it needed to be a little bit beefier. Initial field tests proved that, yes indeed it did. So Jason went back to the drawing board and re-worked the bike, adding some larger tubes, a new gusset detail and yes, bigger tire clearance; the Cyclone was ready! Last Saturday they got the bike in from the factory and yesterday I took some exclusive photos of it.

You know the drill, check the rest out below!

One of the nicer details on this frame is the aero seat tube. Like the KHS Aero Track, Jack Taylors and Schwinn Paramount P-14s before it, the bend allows you to slam the wheel a couple centimeters more. Not enough to where the wheelbase is too tight though.

My biggest complaint with the first prototype was the gusset. I knew it would just punch through the tubes. Jason saw this as well and decided to reinforce it, keeping the signature “A”.

…. and adding a laser-etched “A” to the top tube gusset.

A 410 ATC fork fits fatties and the 1 1/8″ headset keeps the bars spinning. I like how a few companies are keeping it 1 1/8″ cups and not integrated. I always pit out integrated headsets.

With a 74° HTA and a 75° STA, the Cyclone is a bastard lovechild of a BMX and a track bike’s one night stand.

With a lot of barspin clearance without making the top tube too long; this is a medium frame.

I told Jason to put some MTX33‘s on those wheels and get those 50c tires to fatten out. That with some Profile cranks and a nice set of wide-ass Protapers to make it one mean urban bike! The rest of the frames will be here by the end of the month, so swing through your local dealer and ask about availability. Don’t worry Fuzzy, they’re coming to you too man!

  • ian

    that triangle up by the head tube is really interesting

  • gp


    john, quick question…

    how tall are you? just ordered mine, but i think i may have gotten a size too small (the 48). the medium “looks” like it may be my size, but i don’t have much to go off of.

  • I’m 6′-2″ with a 35″ inseam. I would ride a Large if I had one. How tall are you? The medium would fit about 5′-10″ – 6′-10″ depending on how long your legs / arms are. The small would fit shorter people (shorter than 5′-10″ anyway)…

  • gp

    i’m 5’8″ –average leg/arm length. thanks for your reply. can’t wait to get this!

  • jhf

    Any chance they’ll be available in raw? That prototype looks mean!

  • 50c is megatron goodness

  • what headsets did you pit out jon? just curious. im real sick of press in cups personally. the integrated animal headset is indestructible.

  • evan

    i don’t ride fixed much anymore, and have never gotten into freestyle — but one of the things i love about the freestyle frames (besides fat tires) is the choice to leave them raw. love the way the etching looks. so real!

  • andy

    is there full toe clearance when you do barspins?

  • I’m digging this frame set. I want.

  • Mike all integrated headsets are the same (specs 45×45 etc) bearings homie. Animal didn’t invent some proprietary cartridge.

  • There’s full toe clearance on bar spins with holdfast straps 165 on this medium

  • ez

    There are actually two standards for Integrated headsets: Cane Creek (38/45) and Campy (45/45). The top bearing in the Cane Creek standard is cut at a shallower angle, meaning it may fit a Campy standard frame, but not securely.

    As an aside, I’ve ridden integrated sets in everything from BMX to DH bikes and never damaged one.

  • ez

    Er, sorry (fat finger) the Cane Creek bearing’s race is angled at 36 not 38. Oops.

  • Rigid forks and big wheels with heat-treated steerers and slipping star nuts lead to sloppy seating bearings and crushed casings. I dunno why but me, Tom and others had issues…

  • Jason

    This frame is looking sick…its all in the details. Nice write up man!

  • Thanks for the closer look at the cyclone. We are getting a size run plus a “sample” floor model (in my size)
    I also just received some sneak peeks of the BRevs version of the Metropolitan frameset, so excited!

  • Hank

    What tires are those?

  • burrito_pack

    that gusset is still retarded. different for the sake of being different and not better doesn’t make sense.

  • The “A” Gusset does have a function. Raising the downtube for more bar spin clearance, especially with big ass tires, requires some reinforcement.
    Gorilla accomplishes this using a curved downtube, Affinity chose a straight tube with a gusset.
    I am excited to finally see it. I don’t think people should start judging and drinking the haterade until they have some real information.

  • Brendan

    This frame looks sick but until they start selling this frame in raw I don’t think i’ll get one, their paint jobs just look abit cheap..