Don’t Steal Bikes Bro May 24, 2010

It sucks when your friends get their bikes stolen. Especially when it’s one of their only rides. Yesterday when Sara called me up super bummed that her bike was stolen this weekend, I said the same thing I always say, “I’ll keep an eye out for it”. Even with all the recent recoveries, it’s a bleak world out there. Bikes get jacked everyday and a small percentage of them come back.

Well, today was Sara’s lucky day! Read on below…

I was riding down Wythe when I saw a familiar IRO, on it’s side. It looked almost identical to Sara’s, sans the missing top tube pad. I called her up and she confirmed all the details, down the lock used. Turns out, the thief had picked her lock and rode it to Williamsburg to lock it back up to a sign on a side-street. The lock hadn’t been cut, just picked, so all she had to do was bring the keys. I quickly threw my U-lock on it and waited for her to get there.

She’s one happy girl today and now all she needs is a better lock!

  • Phil G

    Always a good story when a lost bike is found. Good work man!

  • kylej

    snap, what lock was she using?

  • andy

    prolly, you’re an honorable man.

  • AWESOME!!!!

    So devastating when your bike gets taken.
    I can only imagine her joy when you found it for her.
    Sara is great, I’m glad it turned around for her.
    Can’t wait for another video from you guys as well…really dug the others.
    I let her know already but i have an extra lock if she wants it.
    Again I’m really happy it all turned out well.

  • Jake Ricker

    So rad!
    Good work buddy
    Still no leads to my missing 3Rensho
    I think about it everyday :(

  • Lamour

    dude, you really are a superhero.

  • why would someone pick a lock, steal a bike then re-lock the bike to a different pole using a lock that they don’t have the keys for…? is it even possible to pick a u-lock and re-lock it without a key? hahaha sounds like someone might’ve forgotten where they left their ride!

  • It was a chain lock dude – with a master lock and it was stolen from a neighborhood that’s 15 minutes away by bike.

    That’s my ulock on it.

  • Well done John, she’s a very lucky girl and it’s so awesome it that worked out!

  • michael

    even if it were a u-lock, some of the cheaper ones can be popped open with nothing more than a bic pen

  • NICE!

  • luckky ass!!

    If you guys see a black soma rush frame with yellow deep v’s and sugino msgr’s email @ asap!

    It was last locked up in uptown whittier but can be anywhere around S. California.

    Please if you have any info email!

  • Nice work! Did you two happen to cross paths with the thief?

  • tina lovely

    that’s awesome!!!

  • Gene Kahn

    Yeah, everyone’s (and my) worst fear.
    The story is really about THE LOCK. Your last pix
    shows a big chain and a HD “truck” lock. Are they
    that easy to pick? I only use the big-ass
    Kryptonite lock & chain. Don’t trust
    ANYTHING else. Fixies are no longer immune,
    even the wheels. She did get a new lock, please?

  • I never saw the thief although there were some dudes poking out the back of a chop shop down the street watching me u-lock the bike. It looked a little suspicious, but who knows.

  • Kind of wish the guy would have shown up…Would have been hilarious. Viking justice ;-)

  • Jangles

    Good work dude! Lucky for her!

    Is there an NYC site or blog that is solely for stolen bikes? If not someone should start one. Not taking ANY credit from your good work Prolly!

    Just thought I’d add that a friend of mine got his Colnago Eagle mountain bike stolen a couple of weeks ago in Ft. Greene. The bikes easily recognizable as there aren’t many of these around. It’s white, a hard tail, with mavic wheels, and a race face crankset.

    If you know anything please email me at

    That’s my rant.

  • evan

    what an idiot (the thief of course). that’s just upsetting when u know it was just some other hipster, and probably a rider too. lame. good work prolly

  • LanceThruster

    The bike messengers in LA were getting their rides ripped off on an increasing basis so a sting operation was put in place (particularly due to the fact that some of these bikes are worth so much that it is no longer petty theft). The local radio station was doing a ride along when one of the traps was sprung. They caught the guy, the accomplice van that waits to whisk off the thief and the stolen bike. A pretty substantial bike theft ring was uncovered.

    I’m sure it barely makes a dent and is just the tip of the iceberg, and gone is gone no matter who steals it, but you hate that people get away with stuff like this forever.

    I agree with the others that the right lock is essential. Have used lock picking tools, bolt cutters, and other power cutting/grinding tools for work and it is amazing how unsecure some security items are. I was even able recently to open a medium broken Sentry safe with a cordless drill, a hammer, and a very large screw driver. That surprised the hell out of me.

    In a just world, the law would allow the same type of anti-theft prevention that was used in “Robocop”. The car thief triggered the security apparatus which electrified the seat with lethal high voltage when he tried to boost the vehicle. Now all they need to do is miniaturize it enough for bikes with some basic safeguard for false alarms. I used to think equally draconian measures should be applied to graffiti taggers, but they’re now next in line after boom car owners and the idiots that modify their vehicle exhaust to increase the noise pollution. If I saw one of them from the aftermath of a car wreck, I’d let them bleed out.


  • robert
    you can open locks with pens

  • zoster

    just wondering, is there any retaliation in this cases?