Don’t Borrow Bikes Bro! May 26, 2010

A reader sent me this a few days ago and it slipped my mind to post it. We all know who Judge Judy is and I’m sure, since these two are from NYC, someone out there knows who they are. Don’t borrow bikes bro! Pretty funny!

  • Watch out for the Roach House hahahahaha.

  • kennykaos

    i know john foraker hahaha

  • Isaac

    bunch a new jersey bitches

  • Todd

    RHBC NJ live low ride high! You posted this and couldn’t post my flyer? Haha whatever…

  • Todd, what flier man? Sorry dude sometimes I forget about stuff. My bad!

  • Todd

    Come to Newark and talk that talk, issac.

  • haha, my mom would love this. She’s a total Judy fan.

  • Todd

    yo, its cool, this beats it 10 fold

  • Santiago Belmont

    oh man. how is a beat up de bernardi $3500?. im not hating but lets be honest with the judge. ask for $500 for the complete bike at most. maybe $20 bux extra for that sentimental value.

  • I liked the back to back part at the end.haha-ha

  • hahaha I remember that shit. Waiting for someone to post it!

  • Q.V.

    These same two dude are on Judge Pirro right now..