Courage Bicycles: Reynolds 953 Steel Stem May 19, 2010

There’s one thing I admire about some framebuilders almost as much as their final product and that’s their dilligence when it comes to documenting their process. Maybe it’s the Architect in me that knows the foundation of what you’re doing is just as important as your final product. Process equals the project, the ends justifies the means, etcetera. Courage Bicycles and Bishop Bikes are two framebuilders that embody this in my opinion. I just love looking at their Flickr photos that document their process and make notes on their carefully-executed designs.

Take this Magnus S. Reynolds 953 steel custom stem for instance. Beautifully brazed, hand polished to a shimmering glory. Such beauty! If you tend to geek out about things like this like I do, check out the Flickr set from this stem’s life. Be sure to check out the notes Courage makes as well. It really lets you peer into his process!

  • aaron

    Just a point of clarification- It’s not actually a stainless stem. It’s a 4130 stem he built for a stainless bike. It confused me at first too because you can’t brass braze stainless, but he explained a little more clearly in the comments of one of the photos.



  • This looks so much like SINGER homemade stems. Nice work!