Colnago Mexico World Champion Model Bicycle May 4, 2010

Before the Pedal ID toys and those Coolrain Cinelli bikes, bicycle companies made models of their bicycles. They weren’t all that common and they were usually only made to commemorate a significant bicycle. Colnago‘s Mexico World Championship bike is a collector’s grail. If the usual pricetag of the actual bike scares you off, maybe this $500 metal model is more to your liking.

Roberto Bicicletas sells many fine vintage cycling items and I gotta say, this is his quirkiest auction yet!

For archival purposes, I’ve downloaded the other photos and attached them below. Checkem out!

Did I mention it’s METAL!

So good! How are you going to paint it Saronni red though?!

Coolrain x Cinelli – Redfoot Figure

  • Mr. poopypants

    For a scale model geek, this is heaven. And I used to be a slobbering scale model geek. A lot of those parts look extra dainty, though, so gently cutting them off would be a nerve racking experience for a thirteen year old. Painting it Bepes’ color scheme would be no problem! just make several light passes with an airbrush when it’s still on the tree, while hanging in your homemade cardboard box paint booth! a little touch up after cutting it out with an exacto, done and done!

  • Vas

    wow. this is amazing.

  • Tbdeluxe