Chari & Co: Yuki’s Zunow May 24, 2010

Yes, that’s two Chari & Co posts today. What can I say? This bike is too gorgeous to not post! Zunow bicycles are made in Osaka, Japan and carry such elegantly-crafted detailing that they’ve become a bit of a cult-classic when it comes to Japanese road bikes. From the investment cast lugs and proprietary tubesets, a lot of these bikes carry high-dollar value. Yuki at Chari has no intentions of selling this bike but he did take a series of photos of it and posted them on his Flickr. Go check them out!

2 responses to “Chari & Co: Yuki’s Zunow”

  1. colin says:

    i found one of these frame s at a local shop here in saigon for about 200usd, once i get some money saved up i think im gonna buy it

  2. Catnap says:

    I just scored a similar Zunow frame on eBay. It’s a “Di Picce” model made from their proprietary “Ditchex” tubing. similar to Yuki’s, although his is a “Beradonna” model which has more ornate, chromed lugs. looking forward to building it up, will have pics on my blog when the frame arrives.