Burro Bags: Sink or Swim Collaboration May 28, 2010


If you’ve ever been surfing, or been in the water in general and come across a shark, you’re well aware of the crippling fear that engulfs you. Burro Bags wanted to use this imagery on a new collaboration bag with Sink or Swim. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Our good buddy and Team Burro rider, Zack Fortune aka Furoche is going on tour with the Misfits doing something or other and he wanted nothing less than a Burro Roll Top to take on the road. We saw the occasion as the perfect opportunity to do that collabo we’d always talked about with Zack’s apparel start-up, Sink or Swim. His website is still under development but you can see some more designs on his Flickr. We’re pretty stoked on the result.

I gotta say, the bags look great guys!

  • One more thing, every piece of that bag was made in America. All the printing and construction done in Florida. Keep It Wheel!

  • Thanks for the brief write up John!

  • Jeremy

    Love it burro guys are awesome and zack over at sink or swim is one of my best friends super awesome printing so glad to see this up on yer blog John! Can’t wait for more burro x SOS stuff!

  • Jeremy

    Oh yeah check out the camp Anawanna photos from garret Wade on 407fixedgear also!