Brooklyn Machine Works: Launchpad v2 May 25, 2010

Brooklyn Machine Works has rolled out their new Launchpad frameset. At $800 a frameset, with a 1/4 lb difference in total weight, bigger tire clearance and one sexy seat tube cleave, the new version is looking mighty fine. The Launchpad is the big and smarter brother to the Gangsta Track. I’m stoked to see this come to fruition.

This is only a teaser shot, so head over to the BMW Blog to check the rest out!

  • nate c


  • Max

    Yah, and those forks are a steal for that steel!

  • Cary

    I have a version 1 frame and fork in a long. I am currently riding 38c vittoria randos. I could go larger in the back if wanted, there is room in the dropouts as well as the stays. If i go any larger in the front the wheel will hit my down tube(i don’t know if they fixed that problem). The cleave is sexy though and the 1 1/4 lb weight difference is nice. maybe on this run they will make an extra long version with an even steeper HTA and more clearence. There are plenty of us tall guys riding hard.

    P.S. thank you BMW I love my Launchpad.

  • ken

    Thanks Cary. The downtubes are getting moved up and out of the way of large front tires. I’ll try to get a picture of the clearance soon. A larger size is being worked on, but it might be a minute until they see the light of day. The Launchpad is made here in Brooklyn.