Brooklyn Machine Works Adidas Consortium Detailed Look May 5, 2010

We first saw a sneak peek at the Eddy Merckx-inspired Brooklyn Machine Works Adidas Consortium sneakers last month. Now with the release date slated for May 15th, more detailed photos are surfacing of these shoes. No one has photos of the black colorway yet, which leads me to believe that they’ll be a future release. To check out more photos, head over to High Snobiety.

Brooklyn Machine Works: Adidas Eddy Merckx Sneakers

  • Oneangrytoast

    I have read random comments about the differneces in sneaker soles as they pertain to cycling but they never got into detail. For example, I recall that you prefer some nikes over vans but have never really seen a detailed discussion and comparison of the materials.

    Have you posted about this in depth before or do you know of a post about the differences? How to tell which shoe has which sole?

    I guess I figured you’d be an authority on this type of issue and have been wondering for some time now.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Since I haven’t tried the shoes on I can’t really say. What I will say is in my experience, skateboarding and BMX shoes with vulcanized outsoles are considerably stiffer than gum soles.

    If you can bend a shoe easily from the heel to the toe, it’s probably not going to feel great riding. I’ve never hurt my feet or experienced discomfort with SB Mids. They provide a ton of support as well.

    Just my experience. I hate riding in Vans. Then again, I hated skateboarding in them too.

  • Joe

    dang i want these babies look sweet! east coast love :) west coast rider.

  • michael

    prolly i think you have it mixed up, vulcanized shoes are by far less stiff than a shoe with a gum sole, for example- vans are vulcanized, whereas sb mids are gumsole. unfortunately these shoes would be great in a less flashy color (for me) and they look a bit thick (For me) just personal preference…

  • dudebro

    Prolly, bro… Gum soles and vulcanized soles are not mutually exclusive.

    almost all vans(at least all classic vans ie era, authentic, half-cabs, chukka, 106, etc..) have vulc soles, but you’ll also notice that a lot of those have the gum waffle soles. Gum sole only refers to the color. I have even seen vulc soles where the vulc seal is gum color as well.

    most nikes (with the exceptions of the new janoski’s and the brand new dunk AC aslo referred to as the dunk vulcs) have CUP soles which may or may not be GUM soles as well. Again, gum sole refers to the color.

    sorry to sound like a dick, but do your homework bro cuz it doesn’t sound like you know what you’re talking about.

  • Yeah, you guys are right. I wasn’t thinking correctly today. SB Mids are not gumsole though…

  • FWIW, I’ve found gum soles to not only deteriorate quickly but also they do a shit job of gripping. I wear clipless on my road bike, but my street fixed I have to wear SB’s (mids or lows). I can’t mess with anything else. The Air Zoom insole really helps too!

  • austin

    man, i thought these were going to have mounts for spd cleats. now it just looks like they’re plain old sneakers.

    when’s somebody gonna make a stylish sneaker that’s clipless? i feel like the world is begging for them! And please don’t mention 661’s…those things are fugly.