Bootleg Sessions 1: Wilis Johnson May 18, 2010

Wilis’ section has one of my favorite sections out of any fixed video in it: hitting the bowl at FDR. I remember that white Aerospoke too. Didn’t it meet its fate in SF? I forget now how many sections there were in Bootleg Sessions 1, but Burd’s getting close to the end of them. Thanks for upping all these man!

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  • rrr

    does he still ride?

  • wilis

    That was a really great time, all that stuff was on my work bike. We (Tom,Tony, myself and sometimes Josh) would meet up after I was done messengering or meet up on the weekends and ride. 23c and track and road parts! Haha
    Seems like a long time ago, stoked on the progression!
    Here is the first contest john threw and a short clip of my part,
    the photo of the cover of BLS 1 is from this night.

  • wilis

    that is a 15ft over vert bowel. Tom filmed that, that was an old aerospoke I got from a road racer. The “track” one I bought from Aerospoke broke in S.F. when I was dropping a wheelchair gap into the island that wasn’t shown in Mcaframa.It was on a shoot with Cog, HELLA loud! haha
    I do still ride, just cant afford a “trick bike” right now.