Bootleg Sessions 1: Tony Fast May 17, 2010

Oh Tony. Such a funny guy. Burd’s still uploading sections from Bootleg Sessions 1 and Tony’s was by far the funniest one on the DVD. I know you didn’t forget about that drunk dude pushing him down or him nailing Tom with a water bottle at the end. Hell, I even make a cameo in there on my Concept with a white HED3. Old times!

Bootleg Sessions 1: Burd Phillips
Bootleg Sessions 1: Keo Curry
Bootleg Sessions 1: Tom LaMarche

  • nooo

    This is what I remember what freestyle fixed was all about. I miss the earlier vibes. Having a good time and not worrying about getting sponsored, how many tricks you can do, or what parts are good just ride have fun. Though freestyle fixed is getting a little repetitive in terms of the tricks and the lines. I’m starting to lose interest in freestyle fixed and just sticking to riding my bmx. Bs4 the last leg is the end for bootleg I just hope I don’t see a last leg to freestyle fixed since its been a plateau for a while now. Just my opinion

  • wilis

    I filmed a lot of tony and toms parts. Slow Sundays!