Bootleg Sessions 1: Burd Phillips May 15, 2010

I remember the first time I saw video of Burd doing his flatstand (flatland / trackstand) tricks. It was something totally new and at the time, unprecedented. Sure, everyone did trackstand variations at messenger events, but to see a 6′ 4″ lanky dude do them with style was mind-boggling. Continuing his recent posts, Burd just uploaded his section from Bootleg Sessions 1. Still to this day, I love watching it!

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2 responses to “Bootleg Sessions 1: Burd Phillips”

  1. this was always my favorite part of Bootleg Sessions and it remains one of the few trick displays that i still enjoy even after losing interest in the whole fixed gear freestyle scene.

  2. Teh Bikezorz says:

    Who is laying down those sweet whistling tunes? It’s not cited anywhere, or am I missing something?