Bomb Tactics Tool May 3, 2010

I received an email last week from an enthusiastic rider who designed this fixed / single speed tool. Here’s an early prototype shot of the new Bomb Tactics tool. So far it looks pretty good! I’d say add a hole for a chain whip and you’ve got a pretty comprehensive little tool. Details are below:

Created especially for the Fixed gear or Single speed rider in mind!
– 100% Stainless Steel!
– Lock Ring wrench
– 15mm Box-end wrench for axle nuts
– 15mm Open-end for pedals
– Bottle opener
– Three Most Common sizes of spoke keys include:
* 0.127″ DT/Wheelsmith
* 0.130″ most European
* 0.136″ most Asian

Here’s their email if you’re interested.

  • Bomb Tactics

    Hey guys, just want to thank John for posting my tool. Our website is up so check it out Also hit us up on myspace or facebook for giveaways!


  • d.patrick

    why does this have a can opener? pbr comes in cans.

  • Y. Eagle

    Hey, I just bought my first fixie last week. As I was buying it, this KID came upto me and showed me this SAME tool. I got to use it on the spot, and I loved it! I didn’t believe him when he said HE had designed it– he can’t be a day over 15! Congratulations, kid! Great job and good luck!

  • eden

    hey? how much are one of these? looking sweeeet!

  • roccco

    who wants to use that as a spoke wrench

  • yeagle

    I used it. Worked fine.

  • sxysincitygirl