Black Market Bikes: “NSF” New School Fix May 1, 2010

World-renown MTB specialists Black Market have decided to tackle the up and coming Fixed Freestyle crowd with a new bike called the NSF; which stands for New School Fix. From the looks of things, this puppy will take massive tires and is detailed pretty well with ample gussets and a six-shooter adorned headbadge.

More information’s to come on the New School Fix. Keep an eye on Black Market’s news section for updates!

  • fixed_hesh

    I was waiting for some park bike companies to get in the game. Check that edit below on the BM blog, not hating or anything but I’ve seen people do everyone of those trick on a fixed gear and they don’t have to drag their feet to stop. Guess it just means that FGFS is getting pretty legit.

  • black market has always been on point with their 24″/26″ bikes. im def excited to see whats to come from them in the fixed world

  • Austin

    Is this going to be made by S&M?

    I sure hope it is.

  • gus

    word on the street is matt spencer going to test this bad boy

  • Jerry Hill

    I’ve been rockin BlkMrkt 31.8 bar and Stem on my cutter for a while. The stuff Is the shit. Way tuff. Cool steeze

  • Alex

    Austin, S&M doesn’t weld the Black Market stuff anymore, I believe they had a falling out.

  • Dan

    Austin, Black Market and S&M split last year.

  • Austin

    That is a bummer

    Who is welding up the mob then?, it still says made in America

  • j

    this has a strong chance to be a winner. mobs are the shit.


    I have heard from a source close to BM is that Waterford will be producing the American made frames.

  • that’s interesting…