Bishop Bikes: Matt Leberman’s Track Bike May 15, 2010

When I first came across Bishop Bikes‘ Flickr stream over a year ago, I found myself enthralled in Chris Bishop’s work. Clean, precise brazing and details in just the right places set the Baltimore framebuilder’s work apart from many others. Matt Leberman obviously felt the same way about them because he put a deposit down and a few months later, he had this kick-ass track bike. I saw this bike earlier this week and blanked on posting it. It wasn’t until he shot me an email with a link to a thread on Velospace that I remembered.

Built with a mix of Dedacciai, Columbus, Reynolds and True Temper tubes, Matt’s beyond stoked on how it rides. Check out more information on its Velospace page and additional photos here, on Bishop Bikes’ Flickr.

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Bishop Bikes

  • Chris

    Shit yes! That thing is right. I love those Edge forks. I just picked up my Cane Creeks but it will be a bit before I can take them to the banks.

  • yeah, i spotted this bike earlier in the week. so sweet!

    i think i’m gonna get a set of those Cane Creeks too.

  • john

    just curious if you could set your hotlinks to open in a new tab or window. . .it’s frustrating for those of us who check often to click away and back to check the links you provide.

  • Don’t all blogs do something like that? Linking in posts is a standard… Just right click and “open in new tab”. Or set your browser to open links in a new tab.