Béret Baguette Ride May 10, 2010

Ride Béret Baguette from Benjamin Donadieu on Vimeo.

Chances are you saw the flier for the Béret Baguette Ride on other blogs. I completely dropped the ball on posting it. To make up for that, here’s a little web edit from the ride, courtesy of Benjamin Donadieu. I like the Béret Baguette Ride more than the Tweed Ride!

  • This is the French Touch!

  • This is the French Touch!

  • Rich W

    Seems like almost all the participants were riding bikes and components made in such Gallic countries as Japan, Taiwan and China.

    Where are all the Huret Allvit? Possibly the most awful derailleur ever made.

    Where are all the Simplex Prestiges? Ah those plastique fantasiques which exploded after a year of riding.

    Where are all the AVA stem? They didn’t call them death stems because of their heavy metal creed.

    Where were all the Vitus aluminum frames? Who wouldn’t want a frame that flexed not in the tube but in the joints.

    Where are all the French threaded or worse Swiss threaded parts?

  • Thanks for the interest you have in our “Héritage”, I would not define the caracteristics of a Schwinn bicycle from the 50’s for example but at least you know french gears better than most of the Frenchs, so I’m glat you studied it so much…

  • French people sux!