Ben’s Cycle: DK EXO 1/2 Link Chains in Stock May 11, 2010

The DK EXO 1/2 link chain sent shockwaves through the internet when it was announced only months ago. Now this innovative bike chain has hit the shelves of online retailers. Ben’s Cycle got a few in stock. Black, gold and silver. I wonder how these will perform on Fixed? Only one way to tell…

On a related note, the KMC 1710 chain is due out in 2011.

KMC 1710 Half Link “Grind Chain”

  • blair

    i bet this’ll be good for the FGFS scene. back in the late 80s/early 90s, i used to tear chains and sprockets to pieces blasting disasters/sprocketStalls/grinds. these look like they’d help SO much.

    not to mention, halfLink chains look freakin AWESOME to me. strictly an aesthetic thing, but i’ve been using them since my first conversion.

    totally rad product.
    the gold one looks SO gangsta.

  • Bill

    I don’t understand why this is considered to be such an innovative chain design. Half-link chains have been around for years. Maybe fixed riders will start running ultra-small gearing like the BMX and MTB guys.

  • It’s the plate that covered the link that’s the innovative part. When you grind on a chain, you weaken the link plates. This extra piece that covers the top of the chain protects it.

    People have been riding somewhat compact gearing on street fixed bikes for a while now. The lock ring limits the size of the rear cog though. Something mtb and bmx guys don’t have to worry about.

  • i ride half chain links for a while now. i like em alot, really strong. plus it lets you more possibilities to adjust the rear wheel and tighten that chain..

  • Brendan

    I had a Spank Tweet Tweet half link on my bike for two months before it snapped. I wonder if this one will stand up to more abuse.

  • prettyboy

    I like the covering plate idea, that would add some life to the chain if you are grinding on concrete. Grinding on concrete is a brutal act on your bike. Grinding steel on steel doesn’t hurt the chain as much.
    My issue with the half link idea is the shape of each plate allows for more stretch because each link has two plates with two bends in them. When you power down you are working each one of those bends, multiply that by the length of the chain and the result is a chain that stretches a lot more and faster than a regular 1-1/8 chain. The good news is that you have more adjustment which you’ll probably need.
    If it’s only adjustment you are looking for then you can break a single half link into a regular 1-1/8 chain.