A Day in 10 Photos: 05.16.2010 May 16, 2010

After spending the night pulling together all my spare parts for the NY Bike Jumble, I woke up first thing this morning and headed down to the Old Stone House. It was a really beautiful day and when I rolled up the scene, there were already dozens of tables set up.

Check out more photos below.

I set my booth up right behind Outlier‘s and almost immediately, my parts were getting picked up, one by one. Before I knew it, almost all of my big-dollar items were gone, within 20 minutes of getting there! It all happened so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to photograph my area. After waiting around for more sales, I pulled the camera out and started shooting photos. For a while, It was quite entertaining watching people try on Outlier’s Waxed Cotton Cycling caps.

A lot of the people from the NYC Fixed boards showed up on their Sunday rides. Here’s Alan’s GT. Made by Yamaguchi with True Temper for Team USA.

Collin rode his Super Record Aero 3Rensho. All Dura-Ace!

The name of the game was haggling all day. A price difference of $5 sometimes won you a sale.

Some sales were already low and they still sat there all day without a buyer. This Daccordi was begging for a ride!

Alan from Cycling WMD scored a Dura Ace 10-Pitch wheel.

Johnny Coast was selling this custom half-lugged (shhhwing!) road bike complete. He’s still selling it, so if you’re interested, you know what to do!

You’d walk by a booth a dozen times and each time you’d see something new.

Every where you looked, someone was checking out a part and feeling the weight of their wallets. I ended up selling just about everything I brought and walking away with a good amount of money. It was my first time selling at a swap and I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. Many thanks to everyone at the NY Bike Jumble for another successful event. There are a few more photos over at my Flickr, so checkem out!

  • Gordon

    Is the Alan owner of that GT CWMD Alan?

  • No. Different Alan.

  • Yeah, def not mines cause if it was, it would HAVE to be some wicked ape hangar bars on there instead!

  • d.patrick

    i went to this. i was pretty cool. i was expecting it to be alot bigger. it would be cool if they threw one of these together over in greeenpoint or williamsburg, alittle closer to home. it was cool to be surrounded by a bunch of people with the same passion for riding bikes.

  • tyler

    That second photo is awesome!

  • atanz

    nice photos John!

    hehe I’m actually Alan as well.

  • d. patrick, yeah, it wasn’t as big as others. I think it was a busy weekend for a lot of people but come on man, it’s a 10 minute bike ride. Not like it was in the Bronx or anything!


  • d.patrick

    yeah you know prolly, i was going say hello and introduce myself to you but didnt want to bother you while i was with my girl. i do that ride alot actually so i shouldnt complain too much. lol. should set one of those up at the peel sessions and get a band or two to play, some BBQ and have a contest there.

  • I can’t believe nobody bought my Daccordi! It was on sale for $700 with full Campy Record, 1984!!!

  • I thought that kid bought it

  • So much bike porn yesterday. I was a bit overwhelmed and I think I probably missed out on some stuff cause I kept getting sidetracked. Thanks for the stem though! (cinelli 1a).

  • No One

    Sorry, but Yamaguchi still has never made any bikes for GT. It was made in-house in Colorado.

  • I’ve heard many times that Yamaguchi built bikes for the GT olympic riders. A lot of those bikes have many traits found in Yamaguchi’s other bikes, I find it hard to believe he never even made at least one.

  • Yep….

  • No One

    An email from Yamaguchi on the subject:


    I never built frame under GT brand. But I work with USAC/USCF ’88~2004(USA Cycling Association. Former US Cycling Federation) at the time did work with GT. but my job is mostly consultant for the US national team bikes.

    Back then, GT had a small custom frame factory in Longmont Colorado run by Forrest Yelverton. This shop are only built steel frames. Ti and Alu. Frame are from CA GT factory. Mr. Tiermeyer are assignd for built Aluminum time trial frame.

    Road frames: 93~96 GT national team bikes use True Temper. 97~2000 GT bike are Reynolds tubing.

    GT’s Sr# start with USA are made for the national team use.

    National team GT road fork offsets are 45mm. With internal fork crown, raked fork blades (not straight blades) and Henry James dropouts

    I hope this info help you.


    Koichi Yamaguchi